How technology is ruling Cinema industry

The movie is a medium which will influence individuals in the society in many ways. The movie is a medium of entertainment and also a good source of relaxation for many of us. It may be action, comedy, horror or emotional drama that will entertain everyone.  Let us have look at the movies that used recent technology to entertain the people.

Doctor Strange:


Doctor Strange movie was released in 2016; it was produced by Kevin Feige and directed by Scott Derrickson.  This is an American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics character. Doctor Strange movie has won Empire Awards in the Category Best Visual Effects in 2016. In Doctor Strange, Stephen Strange is a neurosurgeon doctor who finds the hidden world of magic, after a horrific car accident. Motion capture technology has been used in this movie to enhance the aspects of the movie.

Motion captures technology: 

Motion capture technology is a process in which human or object movements are digitally recorded. The recorded motion capture data will be mapped to a digital model in the software, as a result, the digital character moves like object or actor that has been recorded.  Markers are attached to the performer’s skin near each joint to identify bony landmarks and the 3D motion of the body segments.



The Beginning is a fantasy film directed by S.S Rajamouli. Prasad Devineni and Shobu Yarlagadda are the producers of the movie. It is the movie with highest grossing Indian movie over $100 million worldwide. The American academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films nominated Baahubali for Saturn Award for Best Fantasy Film. He takes interest in every minute aspect of the movie. He used Foley Skill to capture the sounds occurring in the nature of the Baahubali movie.

The sound engineer of this movie is P.M.Satish who worked with famous Foley artist Philippe Van Leer at Foley Studio Dame Blanche Complex in Belgium.

Foley Technology:

Foley technology is the process of copying natural sound effects to enhance the audio quality of the film or video. Foley technology gives a reality touch to the movie scene. It also covers up the unnecessary sounds that have been recorded during the filming time. To carry the audience feel throughout the movie the sounds should have sonic depth, width, and height. Foley process starts once the film completes its shot. Foley artist requires creativity to accomplish his job at the time of post-production. There are two major sequences in the movie, one is war sequence and the other is waterfall sequence where they used VFX effects. Visual Effects are used to mix real film shooting with animated images.

Lidar Scanning:  Lidar is used to scan things like rocks, buildings, structures etc. Lidar Scanning is used to showcase the city area created In Baahubali movie. They first scanned the city digitally and then created a 3D model.

The Jungle Book:

The Jungle Book is an American fantasy adventure film produced by Walt Disney. This is a story about orphaned boy named Mowgli and his animal friends.  computer-generated imagery was used to present the animals and the jungle environment in the movie, this film won the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects. The team created real animal movement footage with the help of animal characters in keyframe computer animation.  The VFX of this movie were created by moving Picture Company and Weta Digital. A new software for animating muscular structure in animals is developed by Moving Picture Company. The Jungle Book movie entertained not only children but elders too with its visual effects.

Finding Dory:

Finding Dory is a computer-animated film produced by Pixar Animated Studios.  This movie is packed with a lot of animated miracles. Finding Dory is a sequel of movie Finding Nemo which was released thirteen years back. It is the first Pixar movie that used the RenderMan RIS architecture software. RenderMan software is a package which can be used to develop the computer-generated images that look real. The team invented a centralized and streamlined process known as Universal Scene Description.

As technology improves day by day more and more tools are available to assist the filmmakers to take the quality of films to a new height.

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