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Education plays a significant role in making human life complete and to fulfill goals. Education is the basic need of every individual.  In future educational system will adopt various innovative technologies to make students learn quicker and memorize efficiently.

Cloud computing:

Cloud computing is going to become an adoptable technology for the educational institutions with its safety, scalability, low cost and ease to use properties. Cloud provides personalized learning opportunities to each and every individual student through the internet connected devices.

No need to buy expensive textbooks as the cloud-based digital content is significantly less costly than printed content. The books used by many of the students are published few years before which means the information in books didn’t get updated according to the changes. Cloud overcomes this problem as the cloud-based content is easy to update so that students have access to current learning resources.

It allows students to access the teaching materials, tutorials, assignments, and tests uploaded by teaching faculty on cloud server both at college and at home. Sometimes students face a problem of losing books, in future, there won’t be such problems as tablets and smart mobile devices will replace books. Cloud technology can back up the classroom theoretical information.

It automatically saves the content that can be retrieved at any time and from anywhere.  In future cloud computing technology will play a vital role in the educational field as it was user-friendly and creates an environment where each and every student can have access to high-quality education.

Augmented Reality:

augmented reality

Augmented reality has the power to hold students attention as it helps in educating them through entertainment.  Augmented Reality shows the virtual objects in a real-world environment through a camera or some other display devices. Teachers can add augmented reality technology in their lectures to capture the student’s attention while teaching difficult or non-interesting subjects.  There are some augmented reality educational apps like Star Walk that helps to teach the students about the universe in a readily understandable way.

Planets augmented reality app that contributes to knowing about the space in an interesting way through a 3D view of the sky. Another interesting app is sky view which allows you to follow the daily sky tracks of sun and moon. For example, students can scan a photo with a 3D model of a monument and view the augmented image of it. This helps them to know more information regarding it. It will support them to hold the knowledge for the longer time. Augmented reality provides less expensive study materials as a student can access them from any device at anytime from anywhere.

3D Printing:

The new 3D printing technology brings great changes in the education field. 3D printing scans an object, divides it into layers and then converts it into a physical object which in turn helps quickly to educate the students. Instead of showing a pictorial representation of the objects, teachers can use 3D images to hold the student’s attention. With the help of 3D printing, students will be able to produce 3D models which will assist them in productive educational experience.

This technology also provides interactive class activities. 3D printing useful for students to create historical artifacts, 3D models of molecules in chemistry, biological objects like organs, viruses, cells and so on. 3D printing is innovative technology that will revolutionize the education field with its amazing features.

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LCD touch screens:

augmented reality

In olden days blackboards are used in schools where teachers write and students used to copy from it. Later it changed to whiteboards, and as of now, video projectors are getting used. With rapid changes in the educational field, the multi-touch LCD screens replace the above. In future, the large LCD screens will be available in educational organizations which are capable of detecting multiple touch inputs from all students. Teachers use the touch screens to improve the teaching process which in turn encourage kids to participate actively.

Game-Based Learning:

The games are designed to teach particular subject matter with gameplay. Game based applications through us into a virtual environment where we can understand the connection between the learning experience and the real life work. These games are interactive which teach the students rules, goals and problem-solving in the form of a story.

Wearable technology:

The wearable technology is one which will change the way we learn. It helps the student to interact with their environment to access information without any obstructions. Some of these examples are smart watches, Google Glass and GoPro.  This technology helps to identify the student’s creativity.

Educational systems will adopt these new technologies to shape the future classrooms. Technologies like cloud computing augmented reality, 3D printing, multiple touch LCD screens, game-based learning and wearable technology will change the face of education and make learning exciting, innovative and fun.

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