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Marketing lessons from BJP Party



Disclaimer: The author doesn’t patronize any political party

Whoever you may be, you wouldn’t have fallen short of appreciation for the fantastic victory of BJP in 2014 and 2017. The victory on both occasions was indeed a landslide one and has been recorded as one of India’s most dramatic and fantastic political victories ever.

Modism is what most Political pundits would say did the trick, but one needs to sit back and understand that the Victory was not a Flash in the Pan or a consequence of bad governance of the predecessors. The victory was indeed a strategic and a well-planned one with an emphasis on simple marketing communication.

So does this Political Marketing Strategy have any learning for simple business owners? The answer is Yes! Certainly, it does if you are in the B2C segment. B2C is Business to Customers, where your products or services are catering to an end customer, which often deals with Mass Communication. Political Communication too caters to the common man and therefore it’s academic knowledge to analyze the style and format of the communication so that we may draw some inspiration.

Let’s get into what we call ‘Complete Analysis of the Political Communication by BJP’

Power of slogan:

The Power of Slogan has been the time-tested communication. Rewind your memories to pre-independence, the Power of Slogan was best exploited by the father of our nation, Mahatma Gandhi to significant effect. So did BJP! The Power of Slogan in 2014 was apt – Acchhe Din Aane Wale Hai.

The slogan has the Power to create waves if coined accurately. Some of the powerful business slogans which we identify with are: An Idea Can Change Our Lives. Yes! Brand Slogans are the quickest way to get to your target audience. But most businesses coin lines because they are fancy or because they need some line below the logo. The truth is Brand Slogans are a specialists’ job and calls for deep thinking, and it needs to connect with the target emotionally.

If it doesn’t connect, it doesn’t deserve to be there. It’s Simple!

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Facts Tell. Stories Sell:

Stories have a great tendency to persuade your audience. If one were to compare the speeches delivered by other leaders and the speeches by Modi, one would underline the truth that Modi’s more entertaining and has a greater memory retention. Not just because the style of delivery made a difference but also because the content of communication was a collection of Stories. Be it the so-called past success stories or failure to deliver by opposition, everything is packaged in the form of stories.

So the tip learned is Package Your Brand with Stories. Stories of success or the story of the Origination of the Brand itself or the Contribution of Your Brand to the Larger Ecosystem. Good Marketing Men are Good Storytellers.

Use the Current Trend well:


Most businesses fail not because they are poorly managed or shallow in execution, but because they fall off trend. Using the trend well is critical. BJP has been a great exponent of Social Media in the last 4 years and this has been one of their important reasons for a Brand Reshuffle. Social Media is a platform for Propaganda and your business needs propaganda. Hang on! The trend is changing there in the virtual world as you read about this now. So know what the trend is and market your brand accordingly.

Not just using the Social Media, even your marketing communication can be changed with the trends.

Example: Amul always releases a cartoon Print Ad which captures the latest trend in its drawings. Amul Print Ad is the longest Print Campaign in the world.

Sensationalism Worked for BJP?:

This can be a very touchy point. However, sadly sensationalism has often worked in politics of late across the world. BJP has resorted to sensational communication too as they strategically plan their communication depending on the target through certain leaders or channels of communication. Brands can adopt this but do it with utmost responsibility, by positioning their brands amidst sensationalism.

Example: Did you see the Paytm ad? As soon as demonetization was announced. That’s for sensationalism. But remember with great powers come great responsibility. Sensationalize but don’t Polarize.

 The aforementioned points are the in-depth analysis of the success of BJP. By drawing the good from the fantastic victory, one can get inspiration in their daily businesses also for success and beyond.

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