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5 Qualities every entrepreneur should have

successful entrepreneurs


5 qualities of successful entrepreneurs should have to have a successful life and business.

1. Decision-making skills:

successful entrepreneursDecision making is directly implied to the self-confidence it is the first quality for successful entrepreneurs should have and one of the life deciding skills which many people doesn’t have. The majority of the people can’t make a decision on their own; these guys badly depend on others for any kind of decision.To my knowledge decision making is the powerful weapon and it plays a vital role in life and business as well. The majority of the times you are alone as an entrepreneur.

Apparently, self-confidence and decision-making skills are two good friends in entrepreneur journey. You will achieve nothing without these two in business. People make decisions based on three different ways.

  1. Gathering information from few people (Info from too many people would confuse).
  2. Based on self-experience.
  3. Based on facts and history.

These three would work out when you are 1. Already experienced 2. The people around you have experience or capable enough 3. You have reliable and relevant information.

The majority of the situations in business which doesn’t belong to any of the above three. The only option is your gut feeling and self-confidence. Decision making under pressure and in failures make a lot of difference between successful people and the normal.

2.Self Confidence:

successful entrepreneursSelf-confidence is the necessary quality for successful entrepreneurs should have; you are almost dead without this. Sorry to say but it is the truth if you don’t believe in yourself don’t expect to believe others. People won’t believe initially, and they may put you down, stay away from negativity. Business is tricky you can’t be as you are, you will be forced to transform commercial to fit into the reality. Success, failures are part of business.

For instance, theory? OR practicality? Which is first? I would say practicality; the theory would come from the invention. Do you think someone wrote books about Pascal, C, Java then started programming? Do you think Wright brothers invented the airplane after reading a book how to make the airplane? Do you think Steve jobs developed iPhone based on a book?

Don’t you think any invention and great achievement happens from self-confident persons? How can be self-confident? It is little tricky to answer but let me attempt.

For instance, if your father retired as a bank employee and you are working for a bank either, he may not be confident enough about online banking transaction as you do. Why? What is the reason? Don’t your father know banking? No, he has the domain knowledge but not up to date with current trends and technology. Consequently, upgrade yourself be confident and go-ahead.

3.Patience & Dedication:

successful entrepreneursI would say being successful entrepreneurs one should have patience & dedication as the first quality. Though you have sufficient funds lack of patience and dedication leads to failure. Essentially, patience and dedication show for how serious you are about the business and how desperate your desire is?

4 Listen to others:

successful entrepreneurs

Usually, communication is always a problem with the communicator not with the listener; it is true when the listener is ready to listen. We see many people start to talk before listening to our discussion this is a very bad habit, I would describe two reasons.

  1. Ego (which kills to learn something new)
  2. Immaturity (which leads to underestimating others in a discussion)

Being an entrepreneur, you should not have these two qualities as it kills to learn something new and you may lose good and potential people.

5 Self Motivation:

successful entrepreneurs

Self-motivation is a byproduct of self-confidence, you are the great friend of yourself. Find something which you like and where you relax. Examine yourself where you can get maximum enjoyment. Apparently, motivate yourself with the positive mindset. Why does self-motivation is critical for successful entrepreneurs? Very few people will have the similar desire and mindset of entrepreneurs to motive as you are alone in the journey you have to motive yourself.

I believe you have these qualities, then rock it… 🙂

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