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Leaders are not born they are made. Every human being is same by birth. However, while growing, they realize what they are. Leaders are not only in politics, but leadership qualities are also not limited to one profession. They can make the difference in any business with certain rules and values to abide. Leadership is not theory; you won’t get it from books to learn. Every quality will be developed based on the way they take from each incident in life.

1.Real leader listen to act

A real leader will ‘Listen to act’ not ‘Act to listen’. There is a hell lot of difference between these two. ‘Listen to act’ makes you listen, understand and act. However, ‘Act to listen’ has a ready reaction, these guys don’t listen to act which makes all wrong decisions.

2.Impact, Influence and inspire

true leader

If you observe carefully these three are in a series. Everyone have a substantial impact on one or few persons, it may be for good or bad reason. Let’s pick good, the high impact of an individual may influence to inspire or follow. To my knowledge

Step-1: Set of activities have an impact

Step-2: An activity or multiple activities could influence.

Step-3: Influence would prompt you to get inspired.

Consequently, great leaders have these qualities.

3.Brave enough to make risk

true leader

A true leader doesn’t  be scared to take risks as they know how to come out of it when the situation turns worst. The majority of the true leaders learn things from making risks. Routine life would teach you to live routine no big difference.

4. Ready to swim against to flow

Swimming against to the flow is not an easy task. If you go one step forward you will be pushed 5 steps back. True Leaders don’t scare to swim against to the flow, it is not stupidity but it is self-confidence. These guys follow what they believe in. For instance,

Salmon fish born in rivers and freshwater streams then migrate from river to ocean to live and grow. Apparently, they swim against to flow in the ocean and reach the same place where they were born to lay eggs in the same place. However, salmon fish has more value after a completing of the journey.

5.Convert the threat as an opportunity

Everyone usually has threats in life, few people sense and few doesn’t. However, the real leader doesn’t scare about threats he/she converts threat as an opportunity and move on. How can he make the difference? Optimism and analysis let him convert the threat into an opportunity.

6.Convince rather control

The true leader won’t attempt to control people because he knows it is a temporary solution. When you control people it won’t be long lasting because suppressed feeling would come out at some point in time. Convincing with right logic is a permanent solution. What do you mean by convincing? Convince doesn’t mean request. communicate in such a way to tune your logic. A true leader will never miss this point as he is confident enough to convince with his knowledge.

7.Knows the way and shows the way

What is right? and what is wrong? To my knowledge, if more people approves it is RIGHT fewer people approves it is WRONG. A real leader may pick a path which has been accepted by fewer people can make it RIGHT. Apparently, his braveness creates a way in any type of situation which can be a path to follow for his followers.

8.Leader don’t follow

To my knowledge following means walking behind. True leaders create their own path to travel. Normal people try to find a right path. however, the real leader finds a path and make it right, this is called self-confidence. It doesn’t mean they don’t go on the right path.

9.Real leader talk with real sense

What do you mean by sense? The majority of us usually use the word that doesn’t you have common sense?. How can we consider a sense which is common for all? To my knowledge no sense which is common for all, of course, we have some set of people which have the same sense, so there is no common sense. Apparently, leaders speak with the real sense to motivate and convince the people, every word them makes a lot of sense.

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