Who can be the startup CEO?

startup CEO


I have listed generic qualities, strength, and weakness of each category, people like you (who is reading this article) and I are special 🙂

College passed out techie guy?:

Usually, college passed out techies have a lot of aspirations about career and fire to achieve anything in life. These guys can quickly adapt and learn new technology and new trends.

startup ceo

Experienced corporate employee?:

These guys usually design their personal life based on the monthly income. however, in the professional life they understand small piece in the entire business cycle, the majority of the people bothered about their piece of work rather than entire business flow. The startup industry is claiming that corporate guys are bit lazy and not flexible enough to adopt the framework of startups. I would agree on this as corporate guys don’t get a chance to see the ground level reality since they would have joined corporate when the company is at matured stage.

startup ceo

College passed out management guy?:

These guys have good theoretical knowledge of the business. People from premier business schools prefer to go to a job which pays much at starting off their career.

startup CEO

Less qualified with a burning desire?:

Survival is the only target for these guys. Eventually, high paid colorful salary is the nightmare, business could be the only option to fulfill the dreams. These guys have more chance to see the success as they have no other choice.

startup CEO

An entrepreneur with more than three failures?:

Here is another category which might have tried and for some reasons couldn’t enjoy the success, unfortunately, because of the poor startup ecosystem these guys are slowly getting away from startup space and go back to jobs. As everyone knows the success rate of startups is very low not everyone has the courage to fight until seeing the success. However, rich experience of these guys can be utilized at a right place.

 The take away:

 1. Everyone have their strength and weakness.

2. To be a successful CEO, you need to have strong desire to achieve.

3. Patience and self-confidence are the key things.

4. Dare to win mentality.

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All the best 🙂

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