Techniques to build self-confidence

self confidence


It’s not uncommon to feel not confident at times or unsure of oneself at some stage in your life. Either we face doubts about the present or serious uncertainty of our prospects of the future, which usually haunts your mind making you feel less confident.

Would mere stupendous dressing or going to the gym or non-stop talking improve your confidence levels. The answer is No. Self Confidence is beyond many of the clichés that you read on the internet. It’s a profound science yet it can be made as simplified as possible. Please read further to understand the science of Self Confidence.

Now let’s define self-confidence the textbook way – The feeling or belief that one can have faith in oneself. Now let’s decipher the aforementioned statement, how can one have confidence in oneself? The question might sound very juvenile but is the most fundamental yet a query most times unanswered.

Faith in oneself! It all starts from here. Ironically the education system doesn’t begin from this juncture. Now to have confidence in oneself, what should one do? Here are a few pointers which you may note to have faith in oneself or in short, improve your confidence level.

Clarity is better than self Confidence:

self confidence

Confidence is the most overrated word. The truth is its clarity which plays a crucial role. Take time to watch your mind. Stop. Watch. Write. Analyze your thoughts. For Example, You might want to begin a start up, and you might have a contradicting opinion on your financial situation. So back and forth thoughts usually haunt your mind, and it makes your life complicated. So take time out, watch your thoughts. Pen down. And Analyze it based on whatever you have written, not on what’s in your head. This on a sustained time frame will get your great clarity.

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Know what you Know. Know what you don’t:

Knowing that you don’t know something will give you more confidence than assuming that you know. So ask yourself, if you Know or Don’t Know. No midway here. If you Know something which means you are aware that in totality. Even if you are unsure of it by a marginal percentage, consider that in the Don’t Know category, this will help you in building your knowledge base. The knowledge base is the key to building your self-confidence as it makes you a man of content and not just fancy words.

Be Strict with Yourself:

One might have observed the most disciplined child goes on to become the most successful citizen. It’s because discipline trains the mind to behave and act in a particular way. So know what your discipline is and be super strict about it. For instance, it can be as small as not speaking negative about somebody or not thinking of negative consequences or as big as finishing work on time.

Work On Your Vocabulary:

Although it’s a given that, the one who speaks well, appears to be more confident always. Certainly, it’s not true in all cases, but with a robust vocabulary, you can define clearly the state of mind you are in. Which will help you understand what is what and will ultimately help you become a better decision maker? So being able to speak fluently, surely builds an impression but more often it creates a bridge for you to know yourself better.

Tip: Reading 15 minutes every day continuously, irrespective of you understanding the content will make you subconsciously tuned up to words.


self confidence

Attitude is the most understated suggestion to build confidence. Your mind and the body is interlinked. The body listens to the mind and the mind to the body. A sluggish body will instigate a sluggish mindset, and an upright body posture will ensure an active mind. Many assume posture is only required when someone is watching them or when they are in a class. The truth is you need your posture even when you are sitting in a chair in an empty room, thinking about your future.

Overall, these are a few techniques which you can employ to build your self-confidence. Remember self-confidence is a journey, not a destination. So if you are feeling less confident today. Relax. Take a deep breath. Arrange your posture. Make your Mind and Write down your Thoughts to Analyze them. This will open up your mind for real introspection, and you understand yourself better, therefore helping you to have faith in yourself, ultimately building confidence.

Self Confidence is all about how well you know yourself.

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