6 Real qualities of successful Leadership and Management.



Leaders are made based on the circumstances they raised, the struggle they go through, people surrounded them, the thorough understanding about the society and helping nature.

Groom instead replace:

Replacing a resource is the first option for a manager when the human resource is not up to mark. However, a leader should consider replacement as a final choice. ‘LEADER,’ the word says leading someone or a group of people. Do you think, a person allows to drive him just because you are his boss? How would it happen?

When you choose a replacement as the first option, he/she can quickly forget you on the day. However, if you groom them to deliver what you want so you can be in their heart forever, the simple treatment makes a lot of difference.

Find the strength to encourage:



The leader should have a broad mind to appreciate someone strength, he should know the power of every individual in the team, and it is very much important where to utilize and whom to utilize. Don’t be narrow-minded to recognize and encourage other’s strength. Apparently, I would suggest don’t hesitate to learn from them if you don’t have that skill set.

Find the weakness to teach:

Enemies focus on the weakness to take advantage, but leaders focus on weakness to guide how to get rid of it.

The leader should be accessible:

An organization may have a beautiful hierarchy. You may be on top of the pyramid, but you should be available. How to be accessible? What makes you be accessible to everyone?

A boss calls people to his office to have a meeting; the leader goes to everyone’s desk to meet them.

A boss has only official talks; the leader inquiries about his wellness either.

A boss hides his knowledge, but the leader shares his knowledge.

A boss is so selfish but the leader is so generous.

You should be responsible:

As I said in my earlier articles, the leader is like a father he should guide, punish, and love because he knows the way goes the way and shows the way. Similarly, the leader should take responsibility to lead the team in a right direction.

You should be trustworthy:

TRUST, five letter word which can’t buy with money, it is more valuable than any other feeling /emotion. TRUST is the base for any relation for a long time.

Trust builds between wife and husband based on bonding.

A Leader can build trust by fulfilling his promise continually and he should be available to help his people anytime, all the time.

The most valuable things which can be produced on the earth only with TRUST.

You should be honest:

Honesty is a very expensive gift, don’t expect it from cheap people.

Warren Buffet.

No one can ignore honest people because it is the power of maturity and goodness. The real leader should not miss this quality. Honesty is one of the big factors to build trust.

You should be creative:

Creativity is the synonym of innovation and originality. A leader should be creative in thinking to make right decisions in critical situations; he should be creative to do the same things a different way.

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