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define entrepreneur

Define Entrepreneur:

How to define an entrepreneur. For instance, Let’s take a kingdom which is getting ready for a battle. What is the fundamental force every king should have?

  • An Intelligent minister who should plan a strategy and act as an adviser to win the battle.
  • A Bishop who should have a healthy body and capable enough to guide the team on the battle.
  • An excellent team of soldiers who are ready to sacrifice their lives for king and people.
  • Set of great horses which can run at high speed.
  • Set of great elephants which can destroy enemies.
  • Apart from all these, we should have the king who is desperate for the victory and capable enough to drive the show.

Well, if we map the startup as a war which will be led by a budding entrepreneur, imagine how much force he needs? No real entrepreneur can recruit this much force, the majority of the times entrepreneur may have to play all these roles. Consequently, an entrepreneur should be more capable and brave enough than a king.

Convincing customer:

The war for King is to win against the enemy. However, the war for a startup is to convince the customer. To my knowledge, convincing is more complicated than killing. Consequently, the entrepreneur should have much more than a king. What should have? Dear entrepreneur, do you have an entrepreneur in your check out.

Learn from failure:

Learning should be part of life, nothing comes by birth, great people and ordinary people born with one brain, what makes the difference? A scientist makes numerous attempts for a new invention; he could have learned something new from every attempt he made. Similarly, every real entrepreneur should make few attempts to achieve big. If you don’t learn from failure, it means you are learning to fail.

It is one of the most important factors which define an entrepreneur. Are you good at learning from failure? Check it out.

Do you have patience:

define entrepreneur

Patience is the first quality one should have to turn as an entrepreneur as you should go through a lot of uncertainty. Things won’t work as you expect, you may have to wait for a longer time, people may put you down. I would say patience is the byproduct of braveness, self-confidence, and hope.

Do you have the patience to wait? Check it out.

Desperate for success:

Desperation may not work sometimes. However, desperation with patience will definitely work. For instance, the majority of the people tired after a failure but very few people will come up and start new innings after a  failure.

Do you have that desperateness? Check it out.

Never lose your personality in worst:

  • Being a businessman, you need to work with a variety of people—But don’t lose temper.
  • You may be forced to transform into a commercial man —But don’t leave ethics in a relationship.
  • You may lose your money—But don’t lose your dignity.
  • You might be left alone in the journey— But don’t lose confidence.

Entrepreneurship shows peek at all stages. Your business model may fail, your team may leave you in the middle, your funds may dry up in peeks, your competitors may kill your product,  you may lose Money.

Can you balance your life in these situations? Check out. It defines an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship is responsibility:

define entrepreneur

Yes, entrepreneurship is a role which doesn’t have predefined tasks. However, it is responsibility, and You need to own it, drive it, manage it and fix it. Being a real entrepreneur is not just to become CEO, it is not a designation, but it is stature which has to be created by yourself.

Designation/chair is a concrete noun which can be touched–> This is temporary.

Stature is abstract noun which you can feel it but ca n’t get to it—> This is permanent.

Yes, responsibility defines an entrepreneur. Do you have the capability to create your stature, uniqueness, identity? Check out.

A real leader in unrealistic circumstances:

The leader should show the path to follow. He has to guide the team, motivate and inspire the team. Every startup has to go through many critical phases just like traveling on the sea. We can’t predict the behavior of the ocean. Though you are proactive, you may end up to be reactive for many of unforeseen conditions. The leader should be capable enough to sail the ship in unexpected conditions and reach the destination.

Can you create a trust to the team and sail the ship on the sea carefully? Check it out.

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