10 Secrets to learn from successful CEOs

what is CEO


What is CEO? A Successful CEO usually don’t ignore 10 Essential things to follow. Every company is different; it’s strategy and policies are different. For instance, What would a newly appointed CEO do for an existing established company? The majority of the times he makes new decisions to prove himself and to set up different direction to the enterprise as well.

The importance of brand creation:

Every CEO has to realize the value of creating BRAND. Create branding is equals to sustaining the growth. The majority of the people think that create branding is very expensive to consider in the initial days. Gaining customer trust itself is branding, to take care of the customer is one of the best branding activities.

Apparently, you can allocate a small amount of budget to start. one year of efforts to invest in building brand would work for five years to sustain. Successful CEO knows the importance of branding.

Marketing Strategy:

what is ceo

Few CEOs are really bad to market themselves and the product as well. Identifying a right set off an audience is the key to marketing. Eventually, it is a lot easier to define strategy once you are ready with a right set of audience. Where to catch them? How to approach them? How to convince them? Apparently, it helps in defining the price of the product as well.

Honestly, we have a shortage of market research and business analysis. Unfortunately, the majority of the people are not realizing the importance to have them. These companies can really help to build true market need and identifying the right set of audience.

The importance of process & its improvement:

Defining a process makes everyone’s  life easy. Unfortunately, few of our CEOs are not focusing on process creation and improvement, because these guys believe it is a waste of time, efforts, and money. Mostly, it saves time, efforts and money. I would request CEOs it is one of the important things to take care in your agenda.

The quality of a product:

We have to accept the truth that how many products have a real international market? I would say it is pretty less as lack of quality, branding, and trust. Mostly, trust can be built based on the quality of the product. Typical customer behavior is same across the world, is the result worth for price? Consequently, dear CEO, realize the importance of quality, it drives sales, exports, and revenue of a company.

Successful CEOs never ignore the quality.

It should be vision not just a plan:

A CEO has to have a VISION apart from a PLAN because the plan can be changed based on the conditions, but vision should drive the show. He should be capable enough to predict the threats, market conditions, political uncertainty. He should be capable enough to analyze future customer need. I would say the clear vision of a CEO drive the organization in right direction. Successful CEO has vision.

Better be part of the team instead of changing team player:

When business is not going good, the majority of the CEOs follow one big strategy, changing people as it is easy. It may be correct in few cases but the majority of the cases it is wrong because you may have to put more efforts to bring right people onboard and get them trained. When there is a problem, I would suggest be on the ground, spend a good amount of time with the team and solve the problem personally. Two advantages

  1. You will understand the problem at ground level.
  2. You solve the problem personally.

Chief Executive means execution:

Not every CEO will have expertise in all the departments, and it is not needed either. However, he/she need to be part of the execution of every department.

Customer Care:

what is ceo

Few CEOs are still not realizing that most important thing of business is customer care. You have to invest a good amount of resources to care customers. Repetitive customers should be prioritized and well treated. Though the product is bad, the caring customer will really help sometimes.

Defining roles & responsibilities:

Defining clear role with responsibilities plays a vital role to avoid conflicts and increase the productivity of cream layer. Consequently, CEO has to take enough care to utilize the human resources in the right way. He has to know their strength and weakness to utilize them.

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Focus on global market:

Understanding trends of global market would help to expand the wings to other countries to prove the global presence and brand value.

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