Checklist of 10 points how to be an entrepreneur

How to be an entrepreneur

How to be an entrepreneur-Are you a great enabler:

When people would like to start a startup, the major issue is how to be an entrepreneur. Every entrepreneur should have great enabling skills to motivate the team and setting up a direction. You have to create trust, create energy and inspire them every day to retain your team in the journey.

2.Are you prepared enough for a failure:

Failure is part of success, if you observe ‘+’ has a ‘-‘ in it :), I am going to come up with my theory of + & – soon. As I have already said on my earlier articles every day we fail in many things. However, we don’t get demotivated. If a startup fails, it may demotivate you a lot why? As You are not prepared enough. For instance

  1. Every Friday evening you feels happy as it is going to be a weekend, as it is a regular activity it may not give that happiness, however, when you got to know that Monday is off just before starting to work because of a big storm, it gives maximum pleasure.
  2. Similarly, an accident pains a lot as no one is prepared enough. However, if you met with an accident in a race, it won’t hurts you much. Why? As You are prepared enough.

It’s all based on the mindset. I don’t ask you to start a startup to fail but accepting a failure turns into real learning and remains as a sweet memory, this is one more important quality to show how to be an entrepreneur.

3.Are you prepared enough to dirt your hands:

How to be an entrepreneur

The startup is all about building from scratch, don’t be in the mode of only delegating tasks. You have to make your hands dirty because

  1. You may not be in a situation to hire more experienced people.
  2. You may not hire numerous people for every skill the startup demands.
  3. If you don’t know the ground reality, you can’t run the organization.

Spending your bandwidth at one place is another bad practice, eventually delegating work and get it done is also important. It is a real example of how to be an entrepreneur.

 4.Do you have enough understanding about Startup:

The startup is a different animal to deal; you need to understand that animal how it behaves? When does it attack? Where do you need to be careful? How to grow it? How to convert that wild animal into a pet animal. If it attacks how to be escaped.

I would suggest attending seminars and workshops about startups, if possible spend a good amount of time in incubators and accelerators, Find a mentor and get tips from them to run the show.

Learn from the mistakes of others ..you can’t live long life enough to make them all yourselves.


5.Do you worry what others think about you:

Entrepreneurship is not everyone’s cup of coffee. It is like traveling against to the flow.Consequently, the majority of the people would criticize you. One quality which gives sleepless nights forever is: Worrying about what others think about you. How does it matter to you?

People may criticize about you a day or two not for years together, and they won’t have that patience and time. Don’t worry much about it.

6.Are you confident about yourself:

This is the first quality every entrepreneur should have. If you don’t trust yourself, don’t expect to be believed by others. The only friend who travels the whole journey is self-confidence. You can’t move a single step without it.

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7.Working towards the goal:

How to be an entrepreneur

I would say the ultimate goal of entrepreneurship should be a successful entrepreneur rather than making money. Eventually, money falls in. Of course, I don’t ask you to do charity.

For instance:

Earning money is pretty easy when you are a successful entrepreneur. Consequently, turn into a successful entrepreneur is not easy when your goal is just making money.

8.Regular Workout:

How to be an entrepreneur

Last but not least, exercise is essential for everyone to have healthy and balanced life, it keeps you active all the day. Especially entrepreneurship is tedious, no timely food, you will be forced to work for long hours. Apparently, Regular workout stimulates chemicals in your brain and keeps you happy and relaxed; it helps improve self-confidence. Of course, you look glorious. Mental stability is critical as an entrepreneur, and exercise helps a lot to improve it.

10. Did you prepare your family:

You need to prepare your family enough face the battle along with you. They will have a direct impact so let them know both sides of the coin.

I believe you know how to be an entrepreneur now.

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